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Renaissance Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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The Renaissance was a time of self reflection and reason. It literally meant “rebirth.” It marked the transition between the end of the middle ages and the beginning of the modern era. As the struggle and difficulties for survival decreased in the feudalistic times of the middle ages, creativity and education was now in the curiosity of people. During the Renaissance there were great changes in many areas such as political, social, economic, and cultural areas. It also marked the slow shift from agricultural to urban societies, causing trade to become more popular. Throughout the Renaissance, a new worldview evolves, there is a new spirit of adventure, and humanism became of greater importance.
Medieval scholars solely focused on religion and spirituality, whereas new Renaissance thinkers believed in bettering their lives and living in the present. Due to constant attacks from barbarians, Medieval people had no time to learn of the arts. All their time would be taken up just trying to survive. Once feudalism began, the quality of life improved as well. People were no longer in constant worry of being attacked. With the new found time people had on their hands, a new curiosity also began to spark. They began to study the past to learn from its important lessons by studying the classical learning of Greece and Rome. Not only did the Renaissance thinkers learn of the past, they also adapted the knowledge and improved their own methods. During the Renaissance, the bible was translated into the vernacular, so everyday people could read and understand it. Art of the Renaissance also started to develop a new technique showing depth making it more “lifelike”. In addition to a new worldview, people of the Renaissance also had a new found spirit of adventure.
A spirit of adventure flourished in the Renaissance which caused people to explore new worlds and ideas. Navigators would sail across the sea in search for new lands. For example, Christopher Columbus sailed across...

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