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Remember The Titans Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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The film Remember the Titans was filmed in 1971, this movie is about two races coming together. The movie is filmed by Boaz Yakin
Remember the Titans is a film about a school integrating in Alexandra Virginia called T.C Williams High school. At the start of this movie in 1981 we are shown people at a funeral, we are unsure of whose funeral and who everyone that is at this funeral, then it has a flash back to 1971. Denzel Washington who plays Coach Herman Boon is the new head coach at the high school. He is a perfect leader.   While it cannot be found out for sure, Coach Boone can be classified under the characteristic idea of management, that Leaders are Born.   The type of leadership he displays cannot be taught, he is able to bring them together at a camp he sends them on, two different types of groups to act as one, to respect each other and play together.   He shows power in the movie, he has a large capacity to influence others.   Using his power, he gets the players to conform and forget how others think they are supposed to act towards each other.   The goal specificity is also clear in the movie. Coach Boone expects his team to be ‘perfect', he expects them to win the Virginia State Championship.   Former head coach and now assistant coach Bill Yoast, played by Will Patton, is also a very influential person and good leader.   He is in charge of the defence and he gets his players to ‘play for him' and they become an almost unstoppable force.   Their opponents do not score against them often in the movie. Throughout the movie it shows the black and whites integrating. A perfect example of this would Be Jerry ‘Rev’ Harris and Louie Lastik. Louie Lastik is known as the ‘large white one’.   Rev took Louie in and asked if he wanted him to Tutor him. They were the first two whites and blacks in this team to have a great friendship before anyone else. Throughout the movie, Hurst gets injured in a car accident, making him paralysed from waist below and spends the...

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