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Reluctant Fundamentalist Essay

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Below is an essay on "Reluctant Fundamentalist" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Chapter 1:   * The story begins in Lahore Café   * Changez is introduces himself to an American of unknown identity over tea   * Changez shows off his prestigious educational achievements and qualification   * Over-achieving student - Studied at Princeton, worked at Underwood Sampson   * Changez proclaims his hard work – working 3 jobs to be able to go to uni and support himself |     * Who is the American and why does his identity remain discrete   * How did Changez and the American meet?   * Changez seems to have an arrogant nature, as he is only talking about himself, and not enquiring about the Americans life   * Changez states that he is a lover of America, is this true? |
Chapter 2:   * After observing young, attractive girls in the distance, Changez is lead to talk about the relationship that he attained with a girl named Erica   * Changez had met Erica in Greece during university holidays   * Erica’s adversity that she had experienced is also explored, by mentioning about the death of her boyfriend; Chris |     * Changez has been in a relationship with a girl, this might indicate that he might not be an extreme terrorist who only has terrorism running on his train of thought   * The American slyly texts away on his mobile phone and is reluctant to talk instead even after Changez insists him to   * This shows a devious side to the American   * Who is good, and who is bad? |
Chapter 3:   * Changez mentions his return to New York which was a bit like ‘Coming Home’   * Changez says that he felt privileged, powerful, and rich to be working at Underwood Sampson   * Changez is shamed that what used to be a modern Pakistan, has degraded to a poor country   * Changez meets Wainwright, his colleague     * Life in New York, parties, enjoyment etc. |     * Changez seems to be a lover of New York     * Everything seems to be going well for Changez, he has a respectable income, desirable job, he seems to be having the time of his life     * Changez seems to be critical,...

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