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Reliability Of Sources Essay

  • Submitted by: belinda95
  • on March 19, 2012
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History Reliability & Usefulness

How useful would the four pictorial sources be to a historian studying the conditions in concentration camps in World War II. You should make reference to perspective and reliability.

The same man, David Olére, paints all these four pictorial sources. They are all self-portraits of him having to participate in the horrible jobs at the concentration camps. These sources would be very reliable. Even though the sources are subjective, it does not affect the reliability. Because all those sources are primary sources, the too makes it reliable. These pictorial sources have significant because a man who was there painted them.

These four sources are all extremely useful because they are all drawing of what life was like at the concentration camps from the view of a Jew that was actually there at the time. Source C in particular is extremely useful in that it shows the viewer the process of what happened in the Oven Room. This has never been seen before and the painting shows the layout of the room and the methods that were used to incinerate the bodies. Specifically in source C, the trough that is shown, is extremely useful to a historian, as it shows how the bodies were transported across the room.

All four of these sources can cooberate with other sources of the times at the concentration camps. This is very useful to a historian as it backs up all of the sources making them reliable and of use to a historian. The difference between these four sources, and the other sources it cooberates with though, is that these paintings give a visual idea of what life was like in the eyes of a Jew working at the camp, rather then a descriptive written source. This is extremely useful as it gives the viewer an idea of the layout of the camps and the gassing and oven rooms.

Sources B and C gives the viewer specific details about the process of the extermination. Due to David Olére witnesses and being involved in the extermination,...

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