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Relativism Essay

  • Submitted by: gusano0914
  • on September 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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      The article of “Some Moral Minima” written by Lenn Goodman, discusses issues in our society he believes to be truly unethical and wrong.   Some cultures believe the things mentioned by Goodman to be ethical and acceptable in their culture because it is they way they way have been doing things for many years.   Some points discussed by Goodman are genocide, terrorism, and rape.
      The first example from Goodman is genocide, the murdering or extermination of an entire race or culture.   Mass murder is compared to genocide and an example would be when nations or groups are at war with each other.   This situation demonstrates mass murdering, but it is simply an unavoidable hazard of warfare and not the targeting of a certain culture or group.   Goodman claims, “The answer lies in the intent, not just the scale of the crime.” (p. 88).   It is no mistake; death and war are difficult times for people to deal with, but not genocide.   Where war and genocide differ is how genocide specifically targets individuals or members of a group, race or culture.   A real life example of genocide is during the time of the Soviet Union famine, the genocide of Mao in China, or the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia.
      The goal or intent of genocide is to entirely wipe out or kill a specific culture of people from existence.   There have been many horrible and unethical incidents during the history of the human race.   For example, Adolf Hitler lured and captured Jewish citizens, where they were brought to concentration camps and killed simply because they were Jewish.   More recently is Saddam Hussein and how he tried to eradicate the small country of Kuwait.   It is very wrong and unethical to kill an entire race or culture of people for personal satisfaction.   There are no benefits gained when a society is removed from existence.   Each culture is different and their practices are respected, but someone needs to...

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