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Refurbish Essay

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  • on June 23, 2014
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Ricardo Allen
ENGL 1101
Process Essay
How to Repurpose Vantage Furniture
With the state of the economy these days, everyone is looking for ways to save money, pinch pennies, and even make a little more money on the side if they can.   Repurposing and refurbishing vintage furniture can be a great way to make and save money.   If anyone has even the slightest bit of imagination they can turn a piece of trash into a wonderful piece of treasure.   Unless it’s a true antique, there is no need to fear altering an aged piece — that’s the beauty, and the enjoyment, of upcycling old furniture.   Sometimes it’s hard for anyone to envision the finished look of an old rough piece of furniture, but once they get started they will realize that the possibilities are endless.
First thing someone would need to do would be to find a piece of furniture that’s a little rough around the edges.   Anyone should be able to take an hour or two one weekend and ride around looking for yard sales or even just old furniture that may have been waiting on the side of the road for trash pick-up.   No one wants badly damaged furniture unless they are prepared to do carpentry work.   A little ding, dent, scrape, and maybe a missing piece or two are nothing to be frightened by.   One could imagine for this instance a rough old rocking chair with busted springs in the seat, paint chipped and no cushion, with a sturdy frame.   Find a way to get it home and then get the supplies. What is needed for this project would be; pliers, hammer, nails, sand paper, pre-cut 2” ft. 2x4 boars, soap, water, an old rag, 3 cans of black spray paint, some fabric, stuffing or pillows, sewing machine, and an old sheet or rug.
The next step in the process is all hands on.   It needs to be sunny and dry outside, or the paint will not be able to dry.   The first part in this process would be to take the soap, water, and old rag to clean up the chair. Making sure not to leave any dirt behind so the paint will stick....

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