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Reflection Essay

  • Submitted by: almaamora
  • on March 26, 2014
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“Pay it Forward” Reflection
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The movie had a genuine story line. Whenever people think about having a kindness done to them, we automatically resort to trying to pay it back. Or if we want a kindness given to us we give one ourselves. It’s kind of like “eye for an eye” type of deal. We think that there always has to be a trade to earn kindness, that no one can just assert their help or niceness without yearning for the deeds to be repaid.

Trevor’s attitude wavered through the whole movie (or most of what I saw). His mom’s alcohol addiction and the hovering fear of his father joining the picture again poised as his struggles to be utterly dedicated mentally to his project. Though, I think, it was those hardships that presented a motivation for him to create this system of improving others’ lives. Throughout the movie his character seemed like a very selfless person. He assisted his mom, he showed compassion towards his teacher, and he began the first acts of kindness. From what I watched he never requested for any of them to pay it back. He didn’t even care about his grade, but merely wished to witness the project flourish. What I saw of forgiveness was when he returned with his mom from the bus station. I don’t know if he had fully forgave her, though it seemed the mother persuaded him to give her a second chance. I do believe that more than the majority of humans require devastation to turn their life around. Most people need a motivation, a tragedy to inspire their transition in life.

Is your character shaping your project or is your project shaping your character? In my opinion I think both. I strive to be a kind person, even in times of stress and frustration. I love to help people who truly need assistance. I want to give humans an opportunity to turn their life around. This is why I chose this project. I wish to give parents a chance to retain a stable and dependable jobs, and I need to be a friend and mentor to a child who needs one. I...

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