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Reflection Essay

  • Submitted by: LGOSLING
  • on March 18, 2012
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Description (What happened)
Today I experienced firsthand how to deal with a conflict situation. The mother of a service user whom I had initially met on Friday came into the children's centre to ‘have a go’ at me for making her daughter feel like an inadequate parent. During the time I spent with her daughter she gave me no indication of feeling like this and so these accusations came as quite a surprise. Team members knew that this lady planned to come into the centre that day although none of them tried to warn me that she could be angry.
Feelings (What were you thinking and feeling)
Initially I was shocked and all that was going through my head was what can I say or do. My palms were sweaty and my voice was quivering. I think this is the most nerving situation I had ever been in.
After the situation was resolved I felt let down by my team who failed to let me know that this could potentially happen and I was shocked that nobody offered me any support when trying to calm this lady down.
Evaluation (What was good and bad about the situation)
This situation allowed me to experience how it feels to be faced with angry service users or their family members. I think that this inevitably helped me to prepare for any similar situations in the future as much as you can prepare. I think that I may have come across as unconfident and unsure about what I was saying.
When I initially realised how angry this lady was keen to take her into the meeting room so that what was being said was not heard by service users. When reflecting on this I now realised that this had put me in what could have been a very dangerous situation because initially I was alone in the room with this lady and her daughter. I think that if this situation was to arise again then I would ensure that another member of the team came into the room with me to witness the situation but also as a safeguard for me.
Overall I felt that I handled the situation as best as I could and the situation was...

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