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Reduce Turnover Essay

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Paper 1 – Topic Selection
Kathleen Newton
Northcentral University
Activity 1
Kenneth Gossett, Ph.D.
December 23, 2011

Topic Selection – Research Strategies to Reduce Turnover
Employee turnover has been researched and studied, trying to determine why employees leave an organization. Although it is difficult to estimate the total cost associated with turnover, some costs associated with turnover are the cost of recruitment, increased training, and lost productivity (Ongori, 2007). A recent report estimates that teacher turnover alone in the United States is more than $7 billion a year (Hernandez, 2007). Noe (2011) states that organizations need recruiting strategies to attract and retain top performers who will perform well and remain with the organization. When these challenges are not achieved, the result for many organizations is high employee turn-over which is very costly and disruptive to an organization. Goals could be set to reduce costly turnover by improving the selection processes, orientation and training and development   programs (Byars, 2008). The purpose of this paper is to choose a topic that would investigate common strategies of organizations that have low turnover, evaluate the strategies, and then draw conclusion based on best practices. The professional doctoral researcher will be searching for links between organizational strategies, recruitment and selection, employee satisfaction, staff training and development programs and low staff turnover.
Some possible questions for a professional doctorate investigation are: What are common practices of organizations that have a positive impact in developing staff competencies and capabilities that will result in low turnover? Is there a link between employee satisfaction and organizational turnover rates? Are there links between staff retention, staff training and development? Could training for supervisors and managers in areas of recruitment and selection, leadership, and...

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