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Redox Reaction Involving Halogens and Metals Essay

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Title : Redox Reaction

Introduction :
            Some of the most important chemical reactions are Redox reactions.They are also known as oxidation-reduction reactions.This reaction passes one or more electrons from one species to another.The species that loses electrons are being oxidized while the species that gains electrons are reduced. The reaction occurs simultaneously.Numbers are given to each element in a chemical reaction to help us find out which element is oxidized and which is reduced.According to the (Brown, 2013) during a reaction, the oxidation number of an element increases that it becomes more positive thus the element is being oxidized.On the other hand, if the oxidation number of an element decreases, it means the element is being reduced.The changes in numbers are also used to balance the redox equations.The objective is to maintain the total number of electrons lost in the oxidation equivalent to the total number gained in the reduction.In the study of oxidation and reduction reactions, one should begin by learning about oxidation numbers.In order to understand redox reaction, we must first understand the difference between oxidation and reduction, and then figure out what is being oxidized and what is being reduced.

Oxidation occurs by :
                  -The loss of electrons
                  -The gaining of oxygen,
                  -The loss of hydrogen
                  -An increase in the oxidation state

Reduction occurs by :
                  -The gaining of electrons
                  -The loss of oxygen
                  -The gaining of hydgogen
                  -A decrease in the oxidation state

Objective :
          To find the redox reaction between a metal and dilute acid, metal-metal ion displacement and halogen displacement reaction.

Materials :
        Test tubes(8), pea size samples of the following metals; copper, lead, magnesium and zinc(10 ml), 2M hydrochloric acid in labeled test tube,...

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