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Recycle Essay

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Recycling is a conservation process which converts waste material into usable products. Nowadays, companies are even manufacturing products which can be reused over and over again such as printer ink refill and toner cartridges. Everyone's aim is however to protect the environment from the harmful effects of what is put into the environment. Products which are commonly recycled include plastic, metal, glass and paper and these are collected and moved to companies where it is converted to useful products. Recycling has financial, social and most importantly environmental benefits.
            By making use of recycled products, people are conserving resources for the future generation. Another benefit is that it prevents greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. There are a large number of factories which emit significant amounts of harmful gases which reacts with other gases and causes dangerous skin diseases such as cancer.
            The process of recycling also prevents the water bodies getting polluted through the dumping of waste products into them. There are many factories which uses rivers and lakes to get rid of their waste. The product which is obtained after recycling can serve many useful purposes to people and even to companies. The process of recycling is complex and requires man power and labor in each of its stages such as collection, transportation, assemblage and so on. As a result of this, it creates many job opportunities for people as well.
              Recycling helps to create an eco friendly environment and as more people start to understand the benefits of recycling, incinerators and landfills will soon be eliminated. However, the recycling business is expanding as a faster rate as it is providing healthy solutions for the increase in environmental pollution. People utilize a huge number of plastic bags and containers daily. Plastic waste is a major issue and a major cause of soil and water pollution. Recycling of...

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