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Recruit Select and Induction Essay

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  • on June 24, 2014
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Early Childhood Observation of a four year old Amy
Cognitive Observation Plan tested included the following:
1.   Classification; to sort according to colour, size and form from a mix of animals in varying sizes and colours.   Amy was able to identify 3 things at once; different size, type and colour by quickly separating all of the small yellow and black horses from the mix.   Eden chose the correct colour and sizes and checked that she had not missed any.   This is a typical cognitive skill that fits in with Piaget’s pre-operational stage of development.   (Hoffnung, et al., 2010)
2.   Memory – Amy was given 10 coins to purchase up to 10 lollies, each coin used to purchase a lolly was removed from the table (out of sight).   Amy was asked to count the lollies purchased and recall how many coins were used to pay for them.   Amy counted her 10 lollies and when I asked how many coins she gave me, her response was correct 10.  
3.   Counting – Amy was asked to count 12 coins, laid out in a straight line.   Amy used her finger to touch each coin; however, when Amy counted, she would count one coin twice resulting in the wrong total number of coins.   Amy understands ordinality of counting and demonstrated this by being able to count to 12; however, Amy was unable to count each coin individually, lacking the skills in cardinality as described by Piaget.   (Hoffnung, et al., 2010)
4.   Conservation – Amy was presented with 2 balls of playdo and the question was asked if one was bigger, smaller or were they both the same size.   Amy agreed that the two balls of playdo were the same.   When one was rolled out into a long shape; Amy thought the rolled out playdo was bigger.   I asked why she thought that.   Eden’s response was “Because it’s longer”.   Amy was unable to conserve by thinking the playdo had increased in size by manipulating it, lack of conservation aligns with Piaget’s theory of a preoperational child.   (Hoffnung, et al., 2010)
5.   Animism/Magical Thinking – Amy was...

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