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Reconstruction of the Changing Arctic Essay

  • Submitted by: bwegleit
  • on September 3, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Final Paper: Reconstruction of The Changing Arctic
Brett Wegleitner
Concordia College

The 21st century has been one of many changes in both the environment and how nations will forever change the Arctic, as it is now perceived. The arctic is one of the most fragile places on Earth as it holds the key to many new resources that have barely been touched and also a huge commodity for countries that would like to exploit the Arctic waters as new shipping lanes emerge due to global climate change. Climate change has been the largest factor in the changing Arctic as the ice is retreating further and allowing for more ships to have access and for corporations to begin extracting hydrocarbons to be shipped all over the world as we become more and more dependent on fossil fuels to drive the powerful nations that we live in.
The Arctic Council will play a major role in trying she shape the regulations the Arctic will observe to try and maintain the best possible future for the environment as well as the Arctic nations for a secure future. I believe there are three major categories the council must discuss to ensure a future in the Arctic, along with one more major contributor, which is climate change that pertains the other three main points. The three topics are Arctic shipping, arctic fishing, and of course energy, which has a number of other sub points it requires.
The first major topic that was mentioned before, climate change, is the leading factor of how the Arctic will drastically change and allow for new types of resources and goods to be extracted. The Arctic portal states, “The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has concluded that increasing greenhouse gas concentration resulting from human activity such as fossil fuel burning and deforestation are the biggest contributors to global warming. Climate Change is, in the eyes of many, the key issue in the Arctic and one of the key issues faced by human kind as a whole” (Climate Change & Sea...

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