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Reconstruction and on Essay

  • Submitted by: dft1166
  • on March 25, 2014
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Reconstruction (1863-1877)

• 1866- Civil Rights Bill > full citizenship to African Americans   (overturned Dred Scott) > vetoed by Johnson  overturned by Republicans in congress
• Freedmans Bureau- Agency est. in 1865 to provide social, educational and economic advice and protection to former slaves

• Thirteenth Amendment- outlawed slavery
• Fourteenth Amendment- defined nation citizenship for former slaves
• Fifteenth Amendment- voting rights for all citizens

• Ku Klux Klan- violent terror group founded in 1866

o Led to Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871- made violent infringement of rights an act punishable by the national government

• After freedom many slaves felt the urge to leave the South countryside and move to larger cities to find work    sharecropping was introduced

• African Americans developed their own culture> black churches, Freedman’s Bureau

• Civil Rights Act of 1875- no racial discrimination in public places (theatres, restaurants…)

• Slaughterhouse Cases 1873- major setback for black rights- changed the intent of the Fourteenth Amendment saying that rights exercised on a daily basis (speech, voting, fair trials, etc) were in control of the STATE not the federal govt.   - civil rights act of 1875 declared unconstitutional because of this (cannot outlaw discrimination of private individuals)

• The reconstruction era proved for only a temporary success for African Americans in the South… they would not see a full extension of their rights until the mid-1900s. Provided the beginning of African American culture.

American treatment of Indians
• Viewed the native americans as brutish and uncivilized > westward expansion brought Americans into contact with these natives.
• Defeating of indian tribes (Great Sioux War, Nex Perces)
• Indians were forced to be “Americanized” > treatment of these people was similar to other colonial settlements by imperialist nations
• Children made to dress, look and act like white...

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