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Reading with and Against the Grain Essay

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  • on September 3, 2013
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In the introduction of Ways of Reading, Bartholomae and Petrosky introduced and explained a few ideas about reading and writing. The main idea of the introduction is “reading with and against the grain”. Reading with and against the grain is a concept used by readers to understand and as much information as possible from the book. Reading with the grain is incorporating someone else's ideas into your own essay and can be paraphrasing or summarizing their ideas, to put into your own terms. Some of the concepts that are included in “reading with or against the grain” are writing and reading for main ideas.
Writing during or after reading requires that one builds knowledge based on what they have already read. “It requires that you work on what you have read, and that work best takes shape when you sit down to write” (P&B 3). Writing about something you've read helps you refer back to the reading for important details or “to find phrases or passages that define what for you are the key moments, that help you interpret sections that seem difficult or troublesome or mysterious” (P&B 4). Writing helps one analyze what you have written so far on your reading and “it allows you to be self-critical” (P&B 4). This analyzation is also called revision and let's you work on your writing while letting you work on your reading at the same time. You're not going to fully understand and comprehend all books after one read and know what you want to write down right after and that is why it is easier to figure out what you are trying to say while reading and understanding the book. “And once you have constructed a reading – once you have completed a draft of your essay, in other words – you can step back, see what you have done, and go back to work on it” (P&B 4). Writing and rewriting has made students become “strong, active, and critical readers” (P&B 4).
Reading for main ideas is a good example of classroom reading. According to Bartholomae and Petrosky, there good reasons to...

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