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Read to Lead Essay

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  • on February 28, 2014
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To: Company Commanders From: Company Commanders

Read2Lead: The Professional Reading List By and for Company-level Officers
What is one book that has made a practical impact on your effectiveness leading a platoon or company in the Army? Picture hundreds of company commanders and platoon leaders answering that question and including a comment about a specific way the book made a difference for them. Read2Lead, a Web page launched in 2010, does just that. It is situated inside the Platoon Leader/ CompanyCommand online professional forums where members can vote for and comment on books as well as recommend books that are not yet on the list. The most recommended books rise to the top of the list, making a dynamic professional reading list that is by and for company-level officers. In just over a year, members have recommended 88 books, voted hundreds of times and posted 131 comments about how those books made a difference for them. Because Read2Lead is accessible only to members of the CompanyCommand and Platoon Leader forums, we thought it would be valuable to the broader Army profession to publish a listing of the current top 50 Read2Lead books. With the top 10 most recommended books, we include some comments from members.

The Read2Lead Top 10—And Commentary 1. Once an Eagle by Anton Myrer Mike Runey: Sam Damon and Courtney Massengale are forever imprinted as leadership archetypes for our profession. In this engaging and fascinating epic of two leaders from pre-WWI through Vietnam, we see into the lives of men who are effective for entirely different reasons. Anton Myrer’s novel exposes both the heroic strengths and tragic weaknesses of both officers, personally and professionally. I read this book pre-commissioning and again as a major. Both times I found the story captivating, challenging and fascinating. More importantly, I found Army leaders I respected using references to both officers, especially the hero, Sam Damon. As a young lieutenant, it became...

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