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Read If You Want Essay

  • Submitted by: worktheshaft
  • on March 1, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Most story heroes are often young, adventureous and in a bad place with their life. Now for Bogan some of these things are true. He is young, he is adventurous, but is not in a bad place in his mind.`
2 years earlier
Bogan was starting at his new high school after getting expelled from his old school for not attending class and smoking pot in the bathrooms. He is walking into the school going to the office to talk to the deputy principal. He was making sure he looked godd for the girls and made sure he staunched everywhere so that the guys would think he is cool. But he looks over his shoulder and this average height black guy bumps into him while he was walking past
"Fuck off cunt." Bogan said annoyed
The black kid turned around and gave him the finger.
" Fuck that cunt, hate em all ready" bogan said to himself
So after Bogan talked to the deputy to choose his classes, he went to the first class. Out the front of the classroom waited the same guy who bumped into bogan out the front of the school. When everyone sat down at there desks Bogan was sitting alone in the back corner. He went on his phone to check what the beach was like. It was bad. This made Bogan even more annoyed then he was before. Then the Teacher said to the class that they had to partner up with someone.
"Bogan, can you pair up with Hoppa." the teacher said.
Bogan didnt know who Hoppa was.
" Hey sir, who is Hoppa?"
"Hoppa is the one sitting in the back row in the opposite corner." replied the teacher.
Bogan turned and looked up into the back corner. He wasnt happy. It was the guy who had bumped into Bogan earlier. So Bogan staunched up the back to sit next to Hoppa who was staring at Bogan the whole journey up to the back seat.
"what are you doing?" says Hoppa who doesnt look happy.
" sitting next to you, the teacher said to pair up with you cunt" replied Bogan nervously.
" Ah Ah Ah Phhh you listen to the teacher?" Laughed hoppa
"Lay off me cunt its my first day"   Said...

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