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Reaction Paper

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Chapter 2 in the book “Terrorism: An Investigator's Handbook” by William Dyson is all about the definition of terrorism and types of terrorism. The chapter tells us how the definition has changes over the past years and what the definition is to different groups. Terrorism does not have to mean killing people and it can be all about actions. Domestic and international terrorism are the two different types of terrorism. The chapter explains how to label different attacks by those two types. It also explains the challenges in labeling certain acts of violence.

The definition of terrorism has changed over the past years until finally in 1998. The old definitions meant any kind of act of violence and now simply put the new definition is “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce esp. for political purposes (Dyson, 2012).” Terrorism has many different definitions and different types which can be difficult to label certain attacks.
People used the word terrorism so freely that when they hear the word they believe the attack was for political reasons not just because someone hurt someone else. Gangs, labor union, motorcycle gangs and even the Ku Klux Klan were not called terrorist. Police have had a hard time knowing which part of the team should respond to certain acts because they were confused on what type of attack it was whether terrorist or not. There has been much confusion over the definition and everyone has their own idea of what it means but most go by what the FBI defines it has which is close to the above definition. The definition changes by certain groups who would like their interest to be added to the definition of terrorism. Certain people would like to see protest and marches defined to terrorism. In the end terrorism is extreme violence to seek change in the government and laws (Dyson, 2012). If we considered every violent act to be terrorism then it would take away from the real issue. Terrorism to me means extreme...

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