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Ratata Essay

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Reflection for “The Count of Monte Cristo”
When we were watching the movie I felt like everyone there was really into it and our reactions and comments were entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed and liked the count of Monte Cristo. I thought that it was very exciting and it had a lot of aspects and had a bit of all the genres I like so, I thought it was great. Like I said, it had a lot of my favorite genres it had adventure, romance, a lot of drama, some action, and it was a bit thrilling. I like how in the end the both Edmond and Fernand got what they deserved. Like Edmond reunited with his family and Fernand gets stabbed and dies. I would recommend this movie to other people because no matter what genre you like or favor, I think that there is something in this movie for everyone and I think Edmond’s character is really likable and you feel sympathetic for him because of the way his friend betrays him and napoleon lied to him. You also have to feel bad for Edmond’s son albert because for his whole life he has been thinking Fernand is his dad but then he finds out that he is not, so he probably had a sort of identity crisis of something because of the way everything unfolded so suddenly.
This movie relates to what we learned in class because well, it takes place in France, which is the class we are taking. A big part of the movie is also taken place at the chateau d’If and the Chateau D’if was one of the castles we studied and were required to know for the castles unit we did in class. In the movie Napoleon also played a part because it was his initial act of giving Dante the letter that sent Dante to Chateau D’If. IN class we did talk about Napoleon a little bit but we weren’t tested on him. Most of the movie also takes place in Paris, which is the capital of France. In the movie Edmond ad Mercedes and a lot of characters live in Marseilles and Marseilles is one of the largest cities in France
As a result of watching the movie I learned new things about...

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