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Radial/Ulnar Fracture Essay

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Radial/Ulnar Fracture
Val Mateyshin
Musculoskeletal OTH 1433
Ms. Marazita

Radial/Ulnar Fracture
The two main bones of the forearm are the radius and the ulna. The radius is the bone located on the thumb side of the forearm and the ulnar is the bone located on the side of the little finger. These bones go from the elbow to the wrist and are regarded as the forearm. This is the most common area for breaks. Such fractures usually involve not only the ends of the bone but also injury to the many small ligaments in the wrist (Boyd, 2009). This may further decrease stability of the wrist joint and create problems with functioning of the wrist and hand.
The radius bone is a key bone of the forearm, providing rotatory movements about its long axis. The distal radius carries eighty percent of the axial load, providing eighty degrees of dorsiflexion range of motion, eighty five degrees of palmar flexion, ninety degrees of pronation/supination, twenty five degrees of radial deviation and thirty degrees of ulnar deviation.   Therefore the repair of the radius has been focused upon for centuries however the ulnar styloid fracture with disruption of the triangular fibrocartilage requires repair to maintain distal radio ulnar joint stability displaying its own importance (Nelson, 2009).
The most common fracture is the distal radial/ulnar accounting for an estimated 1,045,008 adults aged 50 years and older that were treated in US hospital emergency departments between 2001-2007 for fall related forearm and/or wrist fractures (Orces CH, 2011). Of these, an estimated 832,591 showing eighty percent of fractures occurred among women fifty and over. A family history for osteoporosis is a contributing factor in fractures. Individuals who smoke also have an increased risk of wrist fractures due to low bone density. Distal radius and ulna fractures together account for seventy five percent of all wrist injuries and thirty five...

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