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Quit India Movement Essay

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  • on September 3, 2013
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The failure of the Cripps Mission led to unprecedented disturbances throughout India. Japan was advancing towards India, while the British government was unwilling to part with power, the congress was equally emphatic that an effective defence against Japan could be organised only by a popular government. There were differences of opinion among the Indian leaders to the developing situation. Subash Bose from Berlin urged for cooperation with Japan. He broadcasted fiery speeches to invite the Indian public by telling them that," British difficulties were opportunities for them" to attain their freedom. But the congress High command did not like that the anti-British feelings among the people to develop into pro-Japanese sentiments. '

Because it was opposed to both Japanese and British imperialism. The congress President Maulana Azad felt that negotiations should be resumed with Great Britain and full cooperation to the Allied powers be extended if Britain made, an absolute promise of Indian independence after the war and if the American President or the United Nations gave a guarantee that the promise will be fulfilled. Nehru's view was that the British Government must make a formal declaration of India's independence at one. The provisional Government then formed should negotiate with Great Britain the terms of cooperation. But Mahatma Gandhi advocated mass action to drive out the British out of India.

In 1940 Gandhiji was opposed to any programme of satyagraha. But this radical change in his thinking was brought about probably by continued apathy of the British authorities and the unmitigated hardship of the people. He felt that after the withdrawal of the British from India the Japanese might not attack and even if they did, free India would be in a better position to deal with the invaders. He, therefore, thought that the British should be called to quit and leave the country in the hands of God. The danger that the country would become a battle ground for...

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