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Quick Movement Essay

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Quick movements start to promote deep breathing and this is one of the fastest way
to trigger your parasympathetic nervous system. This has been called a number of
different   things like relaxation response, and it is your body’s own antidote to the
fight or flight response which is made by your sympathetic nervous system. We all
know the nervous weird panic feelings that can be caused by some type of stress
fear or anxiety, which causes rapid heart   rate, palpations, quick shallow breathing,
digestive upset, resulting from your body releasing of cortisol and adrenaline that puts your system on high alert and makes it work harder. But your system is in damaged if stress chemicals are being processed out too long. Chronic stress depletes your body’s reserves of nutrients this changes your brain and hormone chemistry and it causes a widespread swell. Stress can lead to depression, anxiety attacks, muscle tension and pain, and resistance, weight gain, stomach and intestinal upset, insomnia, and a lot of chronic health conditions. These all result from an overworked sympathetic nervous system.

Explosion threshold is something that is going to be there is there is anger present. Now this is sometimes confuses people into thinking that is a sickness or disorder because there is flash of really aggressive anger that comes out of nowhere. This type of anger needs to be managed and should be put in attention of someone who can help prevent anything bad happening. This violent and uncontrollable rage is a explosive type of anger is why both of these angers go hand in hand with the fight or flight because everyone has a different body and react to different situations and some things that happen test if the body will lock down and get through whatever is going on or if the body will just break down.

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