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Queen Elizabeth and Pancho Villa Essay

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  • on August 29, 2013
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People they worked with and Their death and what that indicated their life

                      Queen Elizabeth died when she was 70 years old, on March 24, 1603 by blood poisoning. Elizabeth had lived a long life, but her health was declining and she seemed clearly unwell and depressed. As she started feeling unhealthy she retired to one of her favorite homes, which was Richmond palace. She was a very stubborn woman that she refused to allow her doctors to examine her. When she was sick she also refused to rest in bed, but rather sit on a chair for hours. Her health conditioning became worse that her ladies had to spread cushions on the floor and Elizabeth eventually lay on the floor. She became really weak that she wouldn’t argue with her servants, when they wanted her to be comfortable in her bed. When she died her ladies and servants thought she was asleep for a good amount of time but she eventually died. The throne was then passed to King James VI of Scotland and was then named King James I of England. People believed that Queen Elizabeth’s death was caused by blood poisoning. She maybe had blood poisoning because the white make-up or ceruse she applied on her face had white lead and vinegar. And other possibilities that caused her to died was to have cancer or simply she was just too old.
              The death of Pancho Villa was quiet different.   He was killed for political reasons. At that time of his death, Villa had taken an interest in running for president of Mexico and would have presented a significant challenge to his rival potential candidate Plutarco Elias Calles. It was never proven who was responsible for the assassination; most people attribute Villa’s death was well planned conspiracy, most likely initiated by Plutarco Elias Calles. The death of Pancho Villa indicated that he was a Mexican leader who was into the revolution and killed many people. He was known as a villain.
          With the evidence we have on...

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