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Quantum Physics Essay

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Before going deep into the quantum world, let us see the difference between the analog and digital signal. A Digital signal is a discrete signal that is defined at particular instances of time whereas an analog signal on the other hand is continuous which means that it is defined at all instances of time. But is it so? Is it possible to define them for a period less than 10^-43 seconds or 10^-35 metres of length. The answer is definite NO. Things act weird and wild in the quantum world. This distance, 1.616199 × 10−35  m in precise, is called Planck’s length. It is defined by Max Planck which can be defined from three fundamental constants: the speed of light in a vacuum, Planck's constant, and the gravitational constant. The Planck length is about 10−20 times the diameter of a proton, and thus is exceedingly small, it is considered the smallest length known/possible.  
There is currently no directly proven physical significance of the Planck length; it is, however, a topic of research. Because the Planck length is so many orders of magnitude smaller than any current instrument could possibly measure, there is currently no way of probing this length scale directly. Research on the Planck length is therefore mostly theoretical. According to the generalized uncertainty principle, the Planck length is in principle, within a factor of order unity, the shortest measurable length – and no improvements in measurement instruments could change that.
The Planck length is the square root of the Planck area, which is the area by which a spherical black hole increases when the black hole swallows one bit of information. The Planck length is the length scale at which the structure of space time becomes dominated by quantum effects, and it would become impossible to determine the difference between two locations less than one Planck length apart. The size of the Planck length can be visualized as follows. If a particle or dot about 0.1mm in size (which is at or near the...

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