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Public Speaking Essay

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  • on June 23, 2014
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What I see as the biggest challenges young adults face today

* General Purpose- The general purpose of this speech is to inform people on what I think are the biggest challenges that young adults face today.

* Specific Purpose-The specific purpose is to persuade young adults to make better choices to overcome their present and future challenges.

* Central idea- I think that young adults should consider their futures. I also believe that they should follow the past life examples of the generations before them and use them as a blueprint to their lives. Learn not make the wrong choices in life that could lead them down the wrong path.


One of the contributing challenges in a young adult’s life is the factor of employability that many face in this day and age.

Key point #1 The lack of employability caused by criminal convictions.

Key point #2 The lack of education.

Key point #3 Drugs and Alcohol

Body of the Presentation:

Main Point #1- Young adults sometimes make lifestyle choices that are detrimental to their future.

1. Supporting material-Some young adults make choices to indulge in criminal activity. / www.urban.org

2. Supporting material-A lot of young adults adopt the “Sink or swim” mindset because of a sense of urgency causing them to do so. / www.allenwestrepublic.com  

Main Point #2- Many young adults believe in coasting through life without lack of responsibility, thus not achieving educational goals.

1. Supporting material- Many young adults still have their parents assisting them in this mode of life. / www.empoweringparents.com

2. Supporting material- Lack of maturity contributes to this factor. / www.dumblittleman.com

Main Point #3- Many young adults has tried drugs and/or alcohol.

1. Supporting material- This has weakened their health and contributed to development of other antisocial behavior. / www.kidshealth.org

2. Supporting material- Easy access of the drug and ineffective...

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