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Public Health Essay

  • Submitted by: blaszkowicz14
  • on March 25, 2014
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TMA 03

For the purpose of this TMA I have participated in a tutor group forum. The key task was to discuss and decide as a team what we consider to be the key public health issue to address within a local authority. In the second part of the TMA I will review my experience of working in a team, analysing the challenges we have faced and skills developed while working in conjunction with my online team. Thirdly, I will assess how my learning from working in a team might help in health promotion in a locality in which I am involved.

Part 1 & 2

I have kept a reflective journal to enable me to reflect back and draw from as I gained experience with my team members. According to Melanie Jasper   (cited in Bulman, 2004, p. 38) keeping a reflective journal is a good way to start reflectice practice.

To review on my experience I will apply the Tuckman’s model. Tuckman’s model is significant in because it recognises the fact that groups do not start off fully formed and functioning. He suggests that teams grow through clearly defined stages, from their creation as groups of individuals, to cohesive, task-focused teams Tuckman (cited in Jones, 2012, p. 76). This model is specific to collaboration in small groups. It represents a liner process and covers a single experience of working together.
I have worked with seven team members to identify a public health issue. The teamwork was incorporated into decision making by participating in a discussion using a virtual technology. The small number of members in the group or team may have a bearing successful completion on the task. The larger the team the greater the need for formal structure and control to be implemented, whereas smaller teams can be more informal (Stonehouse, 2011, p 351). Communication played very important part in this significant learning experience. I feel that most members gave positive feed back to the rest of the group. According to Jones (2012, p380) a fundamental principle that is...

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