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Public Administration Essay

  • Submitted by: innocentjere
  • on June 26, 2014
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For many people the word 'bureaucracy' creates an image of a mass of office workers buried in piles of paper and tied to a set of petty rules, the notorious 'red tape.' Bureaucracies are often the focus of popular dislike, especially because they are perceived to be inefficient and lack flexibility to meet individual requirements. The infamous 'they' who are continually meddling in people's lives are often thought of as remote bureaucrats. While the popular perceptions about bureaucracy reflect some insights, they are not a good basis to begin analysing a social structure. To do this bureaucracy needs to be looked at as a set of relationships between people. The purpose of this essay therefore is to explain how the tenets of bureaucracy are applied in the civil service. To do that, I will start by defining bureaucracy, followed by looking at its tenets and how they are applied in the civil service.
Bureaucracy refers to the administrative system governing any large institution. It is a way of organising work in which people are treated as interchangeable and replaceable cogs to fill specialised roles.   According to Johari J.C (2011), bureaucracy means a group of persons (not some mysterious, super-entity such as suggested by the word ‘state’) who perform definite functions which the community at large considers worthwhile. They are expected to be ‘strictly’ neutral in matters of politics of the country. In a model bureaucracy, initiatives and policy directions come only from the top echelons. Work in carrying out policies is done at the lower levels within the guidelines set from above. Most large modern organisations are bureaucratic in form: government departments, corporations, political parties, churches and trade unions. None of these real organisations are pure bureaucracies.
According to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, the German sociologist Max Weber described many ideal-typical forms of...

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