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Psychology Of Architecture Essay

  • Submitted by: khatriiitr
  • on March 19, 2012
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A Report on Psychology & Architecture By W. Bro. Victor G. Popow, Dec 2000. V1 Given my long affiliation as a modern speculative Freemason, my interest in architecture and my previous study of psychology I composed a paper on the psychology of architecture. I wanted to restrict my study to artificial structures and their possible impact on human behaviour. To begin with I asked myself do humans have an innate ability to perceive patterns in artificial forms? Is the human body physically wired to ‘recognize’ the subtleties of patterns or proportions in art or architecture? What might these ‘patterns’ be? If people do indeed react to the subtleties of structure would this explain why people react emotionally or ‘spiritually’ given their entrance into Medieval Chartres Cathedral, France? Why would people either “like or dislike” the ultramodern gleaming new Guggenhiem Museum in Bilbao, Spain? I am inclined to believe that the human body is biologically predisposed to recognizing design and structure either consciously or unconsciously and that a variety of criteria may be at work influencing us when we find ourselves living, working or playing within the urban environment. Upon investigation I soon found that the study of psychology and architecture is a broad and diverse one including many different fields- mathematics, aesthetics, philosophy, different branches of psychology- environmental, gestalt or social, physics, and naturally, architecture to name just a few. I began to explore the relatively new field of environmental psychology that at first I considered superficial. But upon closer examination the physical and behavioural effects between people and their physical environments became quite complex when elements of light and colour (shade or tint, warm or cool), texture (materials and surfaces), acoustical characteristics (noise) are taken into account. Ultimately, “Light is the most effective element in creating a sense of mystery and awe, and the...

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