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Psychology Notes 1 Essay

  • Submitted by: faint
  • on March 18, 2012
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What is Psychological?

-Scientific study of behaviors and mental processes.
Scientific: uses systematic methods to observe.

Psychological Perspectives

Psychodynamic approach:
-Basic premise: Unconscious motives and experiences in early childhood govern personality and mental disorders.

Behavioral approach:
-Basic premise: Only observable events can be studied scientifically.
-Watson: study of consciousness, thoughts, feelings and emotions should be abandoned.
-Skinner continued this idea.
-Main area of study: How organisms learn new behaviors or change existing ones due to rewards or punishments.
-This was applied to humans (parents reward you for cleaning your room)

Humanistic approach:
-Basic premise: Humans are free, rational beings with potential for positive growth and are fundamentally different from other animals.
-Rogers, Maslow
-They believed you can’t apply what you learn from animals to humans because humans have rational thought.
-Believe people can have control over their biology and environment.
-People have a sense of self, while animals do not.
-Believe all people have fundamental desire to reach full potential.

Biological approach:
-Basic premise: Organism’s functioning can be explained in terms of bodily structures and biochemical processes that underlie behavior.
-Focuses on how our genes, hormones, and nervous system interact with the environment and on how this influences us.
-Neuroscience: scientific study of the nervous system.

Cognitive approach: Think thinking.

-Basic premise: Human behavior cannot be fully understood without examining how people acquire, store, and process information.
-How we think affects how we feel.

Sociocultural approach:

-Basic premise: To understand human behavior we have to examine influences of social/cultural environment.

Evolutionary approach:

-Basic premise: Human behavior can be explained using evolutionary ideas such as...

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