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Psy 355 Week 1 Motivation Paper

  • Submitted by: Krissyj819
  • on June 26, 2014
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Kristina Thomas
Psy 355
March 24, 2014
Kelly Trutter


    Motivation is the reason for one's behavior in doing something or acting a particular way.   An action or behavior does not happen on its own, it is brought on by motives or incentives.   Motives and incentives are two sources of motivation.   The push/pull metaphor correlates with motives and incentives and the induced behavior from motivation.

    Motives and Incentives are what drives people to be motivated. A motive is an internal character that is the source for motivation and cause of one's action (Decker, 2010). To better understand a motive, it is the physiological or psychological need within a person. A motive could be a feeling or emotion that pushes an individual to behave a certain way. Motives are associated with incentives. A motive or internal source pushes a person toward the incentive. An incentive is an expected reward for performance or something expected from the behavior that is environment or external (Decker, 2010). Incentives are external objects, or goals. External incentives pull a person toward the end result (Decker, 2010).
    Motives or internal sources are also classified as biological or psychological variables (Decker, 2010) Biological refers to the body and the brain. An example is Hunger. Hunger is internal and is a biological sense the brain sends out when the body has had little food or needs food. Hunger will push a person to eat (Decker, 2010). Hunger is the motive and eating is the behavior.
      Incentives or external sources are classified as environmental variables (Decker, 2010). An environmental variable may pull a person to the incentive or repel a person from it (Decker, 2010). An example of an incentive is a promotion at work. The promotion could pull a person toward it or even repel them from it. For many, money is a positive incentive and will pull a person to work harder to get a promotion. Although, more...

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