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Psy 340 Week 3 Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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Vision, Senses, and Motor Control Worksheet PSY/340 Version 3


University of Phoenix Material
Vision, Senses, and Motor Control Worksheet
Label the different sections by filling in the blanks on the visual cortex diagram, and answer the following questions in a minimum of 50 words each.

1. What are the functions in visual processing of each of the major structures identified on the diagram? Include a brief summary of each function in your response.
1. Transient hemiretina- The 50% of every retina by the sanctuary. Pictures are anticipated onto the temporal hemiretina. 2. Optic Nerves- the cranial nerve that serves the retina. It transmits visual data from theretina to the mind. 3. Optic Tract- It is a continuation of the optic nerve and runs from the optic chiasm to the lateral geniculate cores. Data from the right visual field (now on the left half of the mind) travelsin the left optic tract. Data from the left visual field goes in the right optic tract 4. Optic Radiation- The optic radiations, one on each side of the brain, carry's information

2. 5. lateral geniculate- is of aessential transfer community for brain damage, disorder,the retina What is an example the visual deficit associated with visual data accepted from or disease affecting The LGN pathway? Provide a description of where the damage may occur and of the eye. the visual is found inside the thalamus of the mind. The average geniculate core which what functional visual deficits may arise. manages sound-related data is additionally in the thalamus.
"Amblyopia, ordinarily regarded as languid eye, is the eye condition noted by decreased vision not correctable by glasses or contact lenses and is not because of any eye sickness. The mind, for some reason, does not completely recognize the pictures seen by the amblyopic eye. This very nearly always affects stand out eye however may show with diminishment of vision in both eyes. It is assessed that three percent of kids under six have some...

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