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Psy/285 Week 1 Experimental Research Essay

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For the duration of the term paper, I will cover the subject of experimental research regarding sleep aids.   The FDA requires drugs to be tested properly before hitting the open market, and in many cases, are more strict depending upon the type of drug. While going over the concept provided, “A pharmaceutical company wants to test a new sleep aid,” I will cover a few main points pertaining to experimental research. A generalized and/or detailed hypothesis, randomization of testing, a control group, a treatment group, and of course a way to measure the success or overall results of the experiment.
It is very common to have issues sleeping as we go through life. Sometimes stress just takes over our minds, and other times some individuals just simply cannot sleep. This is a major health issue, and thus has paved the way for many new innovations in the world of sleep-aids. Insomnia is common,l and can be simply defined as -   a difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or a disturbance in sleep quality that makes it difficult for a person to feel rested in the morning. According to livescience.com, an average of 6% of adults suffer from the wrath of insomnia. (livescience.com, 2013) It is important to get an appropriate amount of sleep everyday for proper functioning. To add, a lack of sleep can also cause a wide variety of health issues. Mood swings, lack of memory, and affect the full use of motor skill, are just a few major aspects we depend on daily that are altered negatively due to insomnia. There are many causes of insomnia such as: depression, stress, anxiety, which are mental health related issues, chemical imbalances, pain, interaction with other medications, and lifestyles or circumstances.   Insomnia can also pop up in mid life, for short periods of time, or become worsened. (livescience.com, 2013)
Now we have covered a generalized view on insomnia, we can move onto our experimental research.   Many scientists gather information from volunteers and/or...

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