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Providing Support for Journeys Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on February 27, 2014
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Providing support for a journey. 217

When planning a trip out for a client there is many things to consider, these things may include how much support this person needs, are they one to one or can they go out in a group? What time do they need to take any meds, can we take suitable meds out with us when it’s a long journey? If the person regularly has incontinence then change of clothes will need to be packed but if it’s a long journey out then maybe more than one set of clothes will be necessary. What kind of noises does the person not like? What kind of crowds could the client’s mental health accept? Some people may be only able to handle a small crowd of people where others will be fine with a large amount of people around them. Eating times also have to be considered some clients may have special diets or require regular snacks to keep blood sugars normal, if out during meal times then food will either need to be packed or food will need to be bought. The weather will need to be checked as some clients are very sensory and enjoy to feel a bit or wind and rain on their skin while others may display behaviours during these weather conditions. What time will you be returning, some clients may be fixated on knowing what time they will be home so it is important to make sure this is very clear to them if it is known. If using public transport then it needs to be risk assessed and all travel times will need to be checked. If the client has a disabled rail/bus card then make sure they have that with them.

There is many risks that could arise during a journey out or when preparing for a journey. The risk of behaviours before leaving for the journey could be due to staff telling a client they are going out but then not being prepared themselves, causing the client to become agitated and eventually display behaviours, this could be minimal behaviours right up to the client becoming violent physically and verbally, this could be avoided by the staff member making...

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