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Protestant Ethics Essay

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Marvin Carbajal                                                                             MLS 632
                                                                                                      Professor John Murray

What has happened to the Protestant Ethic, in the United States today? Is it alive and well, or has it been replaced by a different ethic? Develop your position in several well-supported paragraphs.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God”. Corinthians 10:31.   Christianity calls upon its followers to honor God with all of their actions.   Max Webber believed that religion had a profound influence on human behavior. Webber states in his book Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism, “We have preferred rather to take the results which subjective adoption of an ascetic faith might have had in the conduct of the individual”.   Religion acts as a worldview affecting an individual’s or group’s perception of the world being able to shape decisions and institutions.   He believed that modern capitalists were directly affected by religious ethics.   It was these views he argued that made capitalism a blessing from God.   He believed that Capitalism not only produced wealth but also encouraged good deeds and these good deeds affected every member of society. Webber argues that the Protestant ethics gave birth to the spirit of capitalism and this was the reason why capitalism was so great for society.   Capitalism was a vehicle to prosperity and each of us played a part in it.

There have been many times when America has been called to step up and take charge in the world’s issues.   America’s democratic and capitalistic system has been a great model for most of the world.   There was a time when most nations in the world wanted to emulate America’s economic system and experience American prosperity.   This economic system has produced great innovations that have affected the world as a culture.   The free...

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