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Pros And Cons Of Juvenile Gangs Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Pros and Cons of Juvenile Gangs

The two separate opinions in relation to juvenile gangs come from the perspective of those who experience the life style and simply those who see the negative effects of the juveniles who are subjected to such a life style.   Although the proponents of the gang life style are very few and not well documented the inner social purpose of gang activity is based on as sense of survival that in the environment it is present provides social tools and associations that if not present would cause the gang members to be repeatedly victimized.     The opponents of the gang life style would be those of the rest of the population. Even those who have not seen gang activities directly are repeatedly exposed to the worst stereotypical results of such a life style from popular media such as news and movies or through continued publicity of gangster rap or other “art” forms that originate from such cultures and now echo through popular culture straight to the attention and popularity of suburban juveniles that were before rarely subjected to that type of lifestyle, even to include violence, murder, and heavy substance abuse.
The life style of a gangster can seen easily as one of a career criminal, and in many cases this is true; the question that has to be posed is simply why, why would a juvenile chose that life style, one that is surely going to end with tragedy, the death of many friends, family, and almost certain imprisonment.   This question I believe has one answer, yes it is complicated but let me explain;   Male and Female juveniles alike are brought into this life style simply by means of close associations, some as close as siblings or cousins, and others as distant as childhood friends. The desire and attraction to this life style is stemmed from the lack of substance in the lives of these juveniles, and the prospects of a life of poverty and violence in their future.   The harsh communities that...

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