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Proposing, Evaluating, and Selecting Essay

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CLC: Phase 1-Proposing, Evaluating, and Selecting an Innovation
Walter Miller, Teresa Garza, and Tiffany Hobson
Grand Canyon University
Professor Judith Orfao
April 5, 2014

The creative innovations that the White Team had to choose from were Mood Music presented by Walter Miller, electronic devices presented by Teresa Garza, and a Watch My Weight App by Tiffany Hobson. Mood Music is a wrist held device that plays music according to the mood the consumer is in. This device will help the consumer create a peaceful environment when they are upset or in a depressed state. It is custom tailored and unique to the client's mood and emotions. The electronic devices that are used in Teresa's presentation recognize storage space and is an innovative tool that will help the economy progress, as well as the business that it will be a part of.
Consumers are looking for comfort and availability within their own home to enjoy their electronic devices. This requires needed measurements to discover easier way to power up with convenience of use of cell phones, different tablets and laptops to endure with the fast-paced, ever-evolving lifestyle. Accessing electricity in luxury of their own living room can now be utilized with a device built in the arms of sofas and recliners. The primary idea is that in order to deliver this through an promotion model requires open innovation that would involve accessing strategies that would grab corporates attention, such as, makers of furniture and electronic stores who sales are on the rise. This product can be exemplars of innovation which will create success outcome due to living in a world that has become accustomed to technology.
We live in a world full of technology and these devices are going anywhere anytime soon. Furniture market recognizes the necessity storage for our various devices. Using open innovation has the potential to be expanded as a viable encounter method through a broad range of innovation goals. The...

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