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Prophets Essay

  • Submitted by: Rinu
  • on March 18, 2012
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      Man is essentially a religious being. There is always an inner urge to search for the Ultimate Being. In his search for the Ultimate Being, he gives vent to his religious feelings through cultic practices. These cultic practices form the basis for sanctuaries, temples, churches and so on. In any organized and developed community, such religious aspect gets a significant place. In other words, it may be the religious spirit, expressed through cultic practices that unite the people as one community. These religious sentiments are guided by a group of people in the community, namely the priests. However, as human beings are weak and fragile, we cannot expect the priests, even for that matter any leader of the community to lead the people to which they are appointed. They may lead the people astray. This may be due to the economic self-sufficiency and selfish motives. Consequently, the priests and leaders may even make use of the sanctuary for their selfish benevolence. But, God has his own way of setting the things right in the world. Accordingly, in any established society or community, there are a few charismatic figures who come into the scene when the community faces crisis and who, inspired by the divine, keep the religious spirit as well as the society or community in order. They come into the scene not only by reason of religious infidelity alone but also due to moral decadence, oppression and other forms of social evils. Through their powerful message of warning, doom and also a call to repentance, they try to set right the things. Prophets are those who fall under this category of people. They concentrate on the reform and renewal of the people in all the spheres.
As the established community or perhaps nation, Israel was not without its drawbacks. Once the United Kingdom was divided, people fell back to Canaanite cultic practices, forgetting the covenantal relationship with Yahweh. This infidelity to Yahweh coupled with moral...

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