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Promoting Good Health Ao1A Essay

  • Submitted by: lilgrace97
  • on February 27, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Promoting Good Health Ao1A" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

There are many aspects which make up how we define ‘health’. This includes the basic health needs, such as food, drink, warmth and shelter, as well as other, more practical means of being healthy; including mobility and being as active as possible. There are also means of brain stimulation and keeping our minds active to allow everyday tasks to become simpler. Taking into account emotional health and the ability to cope and manage under upsetting or stressful situations and the recognition of the emotions which we are feeling, and also the ability to build healthy relationships with others and be able to socialise with people. This makes up the ‘PIES’ of health needs: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social needs.
If there was a service user within a residential care home who was living with multiple sclerosis, who had then experienced direct prejudice about the fact that they have problems with mobility, it would affect how well these needs are met.
Physical needs would be affected because if there was direct prejudice, it would change their attitudes about their needs because their self-esteem would have been lessened, meaning that they would change their attitudes about their needs and result in them becoming less physically active. This could then impact on the social needs of the service user because they’re not being mobile, and therefore are not going out and meeting, or communicating with different people.
Intellectual needs would be affected due to the prejudice lowering self-esteem, and this changing opinion and attitudes, the service user may not wish to read or write for a number of reasons. These would include; not wanting to express emotions or not understanding the benefits of reading and writing. If intellectual needs are not met, it would impact on emotional and social needs, as it would mean that basic tasks would becoming increasingly difficult for the service user, making them stressed and unorganised.
The effect on emotional needs would be...

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