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Project Appraisal and Eco Tourism Essay

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Tourism Project Appraisal and Ecotourism

Prepared for: Tony Gloyne 44 907 Tourism Project Appraisal By: Tony Ozell 200883520 29 April, 2009

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Project Appraisal and Ecotourism
Since the Brundtland Report in 1987, more and more emphasis has been placed on the notion of sustainability in all aspects of human endeavours. There are few areas where this has been more visible than in tourism. Global tourism has exploded since World War II. The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) estimates that by 2020 1.6 Billion trips will be taken by tourists annually, spending an estimated USD1.5 trillion. This represents 6% of worldwide exports and 30% of service exports. Amongst all industry sectors, it is fourth in terms of global foreign exchange generation (UNWTO, 2009). Clearly, this is an important sector of the world economy in which every country can participate – even North Korea recently opened a “luxury” resort. Hotels, airports and other infrastructure improvements are relatively easy and cheap investments compared with what would be required by many other industries that a government may wish to encourage to increase foreign investment and trade. Tourism is highly visible and therefore has become an easy target in discussions of sustainability and environmental protection. Increasingly there are moves to account for all “real” costs are when figuring the cost of travel. User fees and “carbon” taxes are being discussed and implemented in both industrialised and developing countries in an effort to account for these costs. However, in order to accommodate 1.6 bn travellers, much is going to be needed including transport, accommodation, recreation, and amusements. How can this demand for travel be met while preserving existing resources?


Financial methods of calculating the feasibility of a...

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