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Product Assessment - Principles of Marketing Essay

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Planned obsolescence is a business strategy in which a product is no longer usable is planned from the product’s conception.   Planned obsolescence is the manufacturing of products that are intended to become inoperative or outdated in a fairly short period of time. Consumers then feel the need to purchase new products that the manufacturer creates with better features.
Products ranging from inexpensive light bulbs to high-priced goods such as cars and buildings are subject to planned obsolescence by manufacturers and producers.   Companies design their products to fail quickly, which generates more sales and boosts their profits.
Don't you hate it when something breaks just after the warranty runs out?   Or what about that new electronic gadget that fails to work with your old accessories from the same manufacturer?   Some of these infuriating problems were caused on purpose, by product designers practicing "planned obsolescence." (Howard, 2012)   A strategy of planned obsolescence can backfire.   If a manufacturer produces new products to replace old ones too often, consumer resistance may set in. This has occurred at times in the computer industry when consumers have been unconvinced that a new wave of replacement products is giving sufficient extra value for switching to be worth their while.
Customers are abandoning landline telephones at a rate of 700,000 per month. At current rates, the last landline in America will be disconnected sometime in 2025.   The useful life of a cell phone is limited to only a few years due to the rapid rate of technological improvement in the field. This means that it’s wasteful to build a cell phone with a physical lifespan much longer than its useful life. It makes sense that cell phones are built out of inexpensive plastic parts; this ensures a more affordable product. If a cell phone were not value engineered – if it were made out of titanium, for example – it would last longer than anyone would want it to, would cost more, and...

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