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Probation Essay

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House arrest is a punishment where an individual is confined by the authorities to his or her residence. Travel is also usually limited to where you are allowed like places you are only authorized to go by your probation officer. Offenders that are qualified are able to retain or seek employment, maintain family relationships, and responsibilities and they can also attend rehabilitative programs. There are also several types of house arrest, varying in the severity. A curfew may restrict an offender to their house. The most serious house arrest is where the offender is constrained to their house constantly with no freedom besides the responsibility to attend probationary appointments.
Electronic monitoring is an electronic home detention where a sensor is strapped to an offender’s ankle and linked by telephone lines to a central computer which emits a continuous signal. If this signal is interrupted by the offender going beyond the legal radius of the receiver, the host computer records the date and time of the signals disappearance. If the signal is interrupted while the offender should be home then the violation is checked by the parole officer and is subject to arrest. Offenders have the opportunity to work, attend school and participate in job skills programs. The effectiveness is to protect public safety and reduce the likelihood of expensive eventual sentences to prison for serious offenders on home confinement.
Shock probation is probation which is offered after a prisoner has served three to six months of a sentence. The idea that was behind shock probation is that the early stages of an incarceration were not the easiest to perform and that once the prisoner was released it was thought that it might startle the offender. Shock probation was and still is believed to help reduce reoffending rates because it allows a prisoner release and while a prisoner is still in shock from immersion into the penal system, in contrast with a prisoner who is released...

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