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Principle of Marketing Essay

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Financial Analysis is defined as being a process of identifying financial strength and weakness of a business by establishing relationship between the elements of the balance sheet and the income statement. The information pertaining to the financial statements is of great importance through which interpretation and analysis is made. It is through the process of financial analysis that the key performance indicators, such as, liquidity solvency, profitability as well as the efficiency of operations of a business entity may be known, while short term and long term prospects of the business may be evaluated. Thus, identifying the weakness, the intent is to arrive at recommendations as well as forecasts for the future of a business entity. Financial analysis focuses on the financial statements as they are a disclosure of a financial performance of a business entity. “A Financial Statement is an organized collection of data according to logical and consistent accounting procedures. Its purpose is to convey an understanding of some financial aspects of a business firm. It may show assets position at a moment of time as in the case of balance sheet, or may reveal a series of activities over a given period of times, as in the case of an income statement.” Since there is recurring need to evaluate the past performance, present financial position and the position of liquidity and to assist in forecasting the future prospective of the organization, various financial statements are to be examined in order that the forecast on the earnings may be made and the progress of the company be ascertained. The financial statements are: The income statement, balance sheet, statement of earnings, statement of changes in financial position and the cash flow statement. The income statement, having been termed as profit and loss account is the most useful financial statement to enlighten what has happened to the business between the specified time intervals while showing, revenues,...

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