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Pride and Prejudice Analysis

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  • on March 24, 2014
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Pride and Prejudice Analysis
Elizabeth is a bright and intelligent lady, who can stand up for herself. She has many good qualities such stand up for herself when she was talking to Lady Catherine. However, she is not a perfect woman. In multiple events, she had blinded herself with her prejudice. Instead of seeing a different side of the incident, Elizabeth saw only her side of it and her perspective. She already had a negative view on Darcy. She could not see him beneath his pride. However, Darcy did not change yet for Elizabeth. Because of the negative perspectives of Elizabeth on Darcy, when Darcy had changed for her, she also could not see it.
Her prejudice started at the Ball in Meryton. She overheard a conversation between Wickham and Darcy and found how he thought of her as Meryton. Her prejudice increased as she began to learn more about Darcy from other people and from herself. Other people’s accounts had added to the negative perspective of Elizabeth on Darcy.
One person who heightened her prejudice is Wickham. Wickham told his own accounts of Darcy to Elizabeth. These accounts were false. However, Elizabeth only heard one side of the story without hearing Darcy’s account of the story. Elizabeth was sympathetic, so she believed Wickham to be a nice person.   Elizabeth also showed her thoughts on Wickham when she spoke with Mrs. Gardiner. Mrs. Gardiner asked, “‘But he paid her not the smallest attention till her grandfather’s death made her mistress of this fortune?’” (153), and Elizabeth responded with, “‘No—why should he? If it were not allowable for him to gain my affections, because I had no money, what occasion could there be for making love to a girl whom he did not care about, and who was equally poor” (153)? Mrs. Gardiner thought Wickham wanted to marry Miss King for money, but Elizabeth defended Wickham and approved of the marriage.
When Darcy proposed to Elizabeth, she told him her thoughts and accusations to him. Elizabeth told him,...

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