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Preserveance Essay

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  • on September 3, 2013
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Perseverance in my life

Hello, school officials, teachers, classmates, ladies and gentleman at Argosy University. In the following months I have attendant Argosy University Online Program. I have had the ability to maintain a successful path towards my goal and it has given me the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. It is an honor for me to write this essay not only because of my academic standards that I have achieved at Argosy but perseverance has been a term that I have dealt with all my life.
Perseverance to me is committing to strive for better despite the road, setbacks or shortcomings that are before me. Not allowing anything to undermine me as an individual or stop me from achieving what I am striving for. It can be the simplest thing. It can be a plan of action, a purpose, or a belief in spite of any circumstances or difficulties we may be going through in life. I have failed so much in life that my perseverance has played a major role for me at Argosy not only to succeed in life but to prove others and myself that when you push yourself to the limit there no stopping you from achieving those goals.
As a young girl, I grew up without the presence of my father. In life every young girl is characterized as “Daddy’s little girl.” Well I was not I was raised by my mother in which she was always wanting the best for me. I always thought my mom pushed and pushed the issue for me to attend college and educate myself due to the fact that out of my siblings, I was the only one that chose to live with her after her and my father divorced. To hear the word perseverance is more than just obstacles and circumstances. My mother would always say “When there is a will there is a way.” I have carried that with me till this day. As, I was growing up I had challenges and setbacks. I was always the little girl that wanted to be cool and didn’t care about school to me finishing college now as a grown woman is important to me. I always placed the idea of...

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