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Premarital Essay

  • Submitted by: joshuadaniel0217
  • on March 17, 2012
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What is premarital sex in the first place? Let us define it according to the Collier’s dictionary. Premarital is anything, any action or plans that is occurring before marriage. Sex has something to do with the sexual gratification or reproduction of the urge for sex, most especially for the attraction of those of one sex for those of the other (Anon., 1994). In other words, premarital sex is the sexual intercourse that happens before marriage.

Perfecto G. Caparas II, once said in his writings on Manila Times last August 17, 1995 that: “PREMARITAL sex appears to be prevalent among young Filipino men and women today according to a nationwide survey on fertility and sexuality patterns among the youth conducted by the University of the Philippines Population Institute. Dr. Corazon M. Raymundo, UPPI director, and research associate Clarinda R. Lustero disclosed that 1.6 million males and 600,000 females aged 15 to 24 have engaged in premarital sex. On the average, boys and girls have had their first premarital sex encounters by the time they’re 18. Four in every 10 boys have had premarital sex compared to only one in every 10 girls, based on the UPPI Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study. The home usually serves as the venue where young Filipinos first engage in premarital sex (68% among girls and 47% among boys.)” According to Dolores Mose (1995 November 17) “This means that Filipino female teenager usually had her first sexual encounter either in her or her boyfriend’s house while, Filipino male teenager gets his sexual initiation in a motel.”

“Love can be an incredible feeling. Young love can be so intense that lovers feel their love will last forever because they believe nothing can kill it. That belief has been proven to be totally false, because the fact remains that young love fails more often than not.” (Garon, 1994) “While the number of Filipino youths practicing premarital sex have increased over the years, most of them especially...

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