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Pragmatarianism Disproved Essay

  • Submitted by: Insana
  • on March 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Pragmatarianism Disproved" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Pragmatarianism is an ideology professed as a solution on which everyone can ostensibly concur: each individual chooses where his or her tax dollars go. So, if Jenna wants to allocate all her money to more EPA regulations, she can decide to do that. If Bill wants all his money to go into the military apparatus, he too can make this choice. Thus, if the tax rate is 15%, each individual can choose into which government agency (or agencies) that 15% goes. According to the founder of pragmatarianism, this would solve a certain “public goods” problem; people could “invest” in whatever “public goods” they please! While this may sound nice, there is a flaw: each individual is forced to pay into this system as the government, specifically the voters in an idiosyncratic democratic process, deems appropriate. This brings up an entire multitude of problems, violating basic economic principles such as Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand, which the founder seems to fallaciously appraise, along with Ludwig von Mises’s economic calculation problem. Pragmatarianism also utilizes a fundamental misunderstanding of Hayek’s concept of partial knowledge and Bastiat’s dichotomy of the seen and the unseen. There are sundry other economic concepts which pragmatarianism neglects like time preference and the intricate structure of production in the marketplace. Moreover, pragmatarianism forces allocation of resources into the government instead of the private sector, which is inexorably detrimental for the economy. The founder also obstinately ignores all moral arguments, claiming that no opinion is absolutely right; yet, of course, he claims that his opinion—that no opinion can be absolutely right—is absolutely correct.

Only in analysing the extreme application of a doctrine can its consequences be wholly conceived and understood; and this is true of any doctrine, including pragmatarianism. Thus, we see that the founder of pragmatarianism states that “[t]he first move in pragmatarianism is by...

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