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Povert Essay

  • Submitted by: johnhood22
  • on March 2, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Poverty exists in many parts of the world and impacts a variety of people from different backgrounds. This essay will discuss the situation in regards to child poverty in the UK today, looking into some of the key root causes and subsequent negative implications it can have on a childs life as they grow up.
A general misconception can be made in thinking that poverty only exists in the poorer parts of the world such as Africa and Brazil, but in actual fact, its existence in the UK is only too apparent.   It is said that 3.5 million children are currently living in poverty, and even more shocking still, is that over two thirds of these children live in households where at least one member of the family is employed (Households below average income 2013). Based on this misconception it may lead us into questioning exactly how poverty is measured. The various ways of doing this have developed over time into more complex variables but the most basic and simplest way, is measures using household Income. It suggests that anyone living with under the 60 percent of median household income are likely to be suffering hardship. This threshold fluctuates as median incomes increases and decreases, thus meaning it can be an accurate representation of what is considered to be ‘living in poverty’. Though this information is probably easier to extract and compare over time and place, it doesn’t necessarily identify and address some of the real root causes. What this method doesn’t really highlight is that children who live in families where the household income hasn’t changed could all of a sudden be considered not to be in poverty purely as a result of the poverty line being pushed down in line with the national median income. Basically, just because everyone is earning less, does not mean the unchanged figure coming into some households is any easier to live on.

The consultation Measuring Child Poverty (2012) suggests a new multi-dimensional approach that not only takes into...

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