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Potato Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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A. The autumn of 1856 was a time of great starvation for Ireland.
B. Many people were affected by the Potato Famine because the potato was their staple crop.                      
C. The population during the famine dropped from 8.1 million to 6.8 million.
D. Why was the famine so severe even though it was during the modern age?
Thesis: The impact of the Irish Potato Famine would not have been as devastating if England hadn’t controlled Ireland by foreclosing thriving industries, passing negative political acts, and lacking concern for Ireland’s welfare.

II The famine would not have been as severe if England did not foreclose Ireland’s successful industries, such as the silk industry, tobacco industry, and fishing industry.

  A. Britain put a heavy tax on Irish silk imported to England, but there was no tax on silk imported to Ireland, which led to the foreclosure of the Irish silk industry (MacManus 490).
  1. Since Britain shut down Ireland’s silk industry, all of the employees became impoverished.   The only food they could afford to eat were potatoes (MacManus 490).   The effect of the shutdown of the silk industry led to “Three thousand persons were there by driven to beggary or emigration” (MacManus 491).  

  2. If Britain did not close the silk industry, there would have been more money to subsidize food during the famine.   Because potatoes were their staple crop, fewer people eating potatoes meant less starvation.

Transition: As equally devastating, England foreclosed the tobacco industry.

  B. England put laws that shut down the tobacco industry in Ireland (MacManus 491).   Charles II made a law against the growth of tobacco.   Plus, in 1831 William VI made a law stating that anyone who was caught having possession of Ireland’s tobacco would be punished (MacManus 491).  
  1. These laws prevented Irish farmers from creating a tobacco industry.   This subsequently led to the growth of farming potatoes due to the laws prohibiting...

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