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Pope John Paul Ii Essay

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  • on March 19, 2012
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Pope John paul the second was called an “Xtreme Papa” because he was influential in ending communism in poland and eventually helped end it in all of europe.   When he was young he experienced first hand what was happening as the government suppressed religious freedom.   He saw the harm that the government was doing to the citizens.
Pope John Paul the second had lived under oppression and tyranny most of his life.   At age 19 the nazis were invading poland in 1939.   Soon after they entered he was forced to do manual labor. But he refused to believe the things that the nazis were saying about the jews.   He believed that they were created by God and so they deserved respect.   Eventually he decided to become a priest, but the seminaries had been shut down so he was forced to do it secretly, he couldn’t even tell his closest friends.  
Pope John paul the second was a very forgiving man.   He forgave the man in the movie that was spying on him.   No matter what was happening to him he kept a smile on his face through out the hardest of times.   He was always there to console people, especially when people were being shot daily.   He would even hold secret masses so people could receive the eucharist and so he could preach.  
He was a very friendly man who knew how to make people smile, or offer advice.   He was also a very charismatic person.   In the movie he went to talk to the communist leaders about getting part of the seminary back.   He got in trouble for doing this but he did get half of it back.   He knew how to make people see his point and eventually give in   to what he was saying and actually listen to his opinions.   He was ordained in 1946 at the age of 26.
I think Pope John Paul the second was a very holy person in his lifetime.   He was   able to become a bishop, the a cardinal, and then a pope.   You have to be pretty holy to do that.   He helped many people and provided a safe place for people to come.   Which was his church that he loved.  
He was also a...

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