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Poop Essay

  • Submitted by: anthonybui123
  • on March 27, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
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“A Little Cloud”
  1. How did Little Chandler receive his name?
        • He received his name based on his small physic, and other attributes as well. His hands were tiny, his frame was fragile, he had a weak voice and refined manners. All of this added in to how he received the name “Little Chandler.”
  2. Why does Little Chandler admire Ignatius Gallaher? How did he know that Gallaher was destined for success?
        •   Although Gallaher was “wild” earlier in his life, running with a rakish set of fellows and drinking freely, nobody could deny him talent. Chandler describes it as Gallaher having a certain something that impressed you in spite of yourself. He admired him for his adventurous and experienced life, and for writing for the English papers for a living.
  3. What does Little Chandler believe one must do to succeed? What does this commentary say about Joyce’s opinion of his birth place?
        • If one wanted to succeed, he or she had to go away. Nothing could be done in Dublin. This shows that Joyce has an extremely low opinion of Dublin, and a lot of his stories reflect on this; not all of them, however, are a blunt as the example aforementioned.
  4. How would the English critics recognize Little Chandler as one of the Celtic poets? What does this say about life in Ireland?
        • The English critics might recognize Chandler as one of the Celtic poets because of the overall melancholy tone of his poetry. This shows that life in Ireland is depressing, at least in Joyce’s eyes. By this sole statement of melancholy poetry, one can adopt that this is a general statement about Ireland’s life.
  5. How do Little Chandler’s and Gallaher’s perceptions of Paris differ? What does this say about their personalities? Their lives?
        • Little Chandler’s opinion differs from Gallaher’s because he thinks it’s beautiful; only, however, by word of mouth. Gallaher has “knocked about the city” a few times, and does think it’s beautiful,...

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  • Submitted by: anthonybui123
  • on March 27, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 426 words
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